Whether installing geosynthetic materials for a water or waste containment system or civil construction applications, we believe that the performance of the installed geomembrane and geosynthetic liner materials is dependent on proper installation techniques. Therefore we work hard at maintaining the highest installation standards in the industry.

Kenviro has the required expertise in material selection for all applications.  Kenviro has established long term relationships with manufacturers of geosynthetic materials worldwide and manages the global supply chain from material selection and procurement to international logistics and delivery.

Kenviro’s service offering extends to all aspects of geosynthetic materials supply and installation. We also provide design and construct options for projects requiring this service.

Kenviro provide a full end to end supply and installation service to the following industries / sectors: mining, oil & gas, agriculture, aquaculture, landfill & waste management, civil construction, water authorities and private clients.

Our service offering includes;

    • Geomembranes (HDPE/ LLDPE/ RPE/ PP/ PP-R/ BGM/ PVC/ EIA/ CSPE) / Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL)/ Geotextiles/ Geocell/ Geonet/ Geocomposite supply & installation to all dams, ponds and storages, small to large scale.
    • Pond lining and Dam lining.
    • Supply and installation of Landfill basal cell lining systems.
    • Supply and installation of Landfill geosynthetic capping systems.
    • Supply and installation of HDPE liners for large scale Brine and Sulphate of Potash evaporation ponds.
    • Large scale fish farm/ aquaculture pond lining, supply and installation.
    • Slurry and sewage lagoon liners, Anaerobic Digestion liner and cover systems.
    • Tailing Storage Facilities (TSF) and TSF raise lining, supply and installation.
    • Heap Leach Pad lining, supply and installation.
    • Mine closure lining capping systems.
    • Floating covers for water storages and caustic storages (Design & Construct or Construct).
    • Water storage lining systems, including leak detection systems.
    • Rain water catchment lining systems.
    • Tank, Reservoir and Channel Lining systems.
    • Secondary containment bunds and structures (hydrocarbons, chemicals, waste).
    • Turkey Nest Liners (supply only prefabricated or supply and install).
    • Erosion control systems to embankments and drainage systems.
    • Specialist geomembrane and geosynthetic repairs to existing dams and containment structures.
    • Geomembrane liner integrity inspections/ assessments (including performance/ integrity testing) and specialist repairs.